Thursday, January 29, 2009

Assign Responsibilities to users in Oracle e-Business Suite

Step 1: Go To Navigator

Step 2: Select System Administrator

Step 3: Select Request
A Pop up will open asking to install Activex plugin. This is for the first time when you open.

Step 4: Select Security under Functions and double click Define
A pop up will open with users list. Press F11 to go to search mode.
Enter the User Name you wish to assign responsibility and press Cntrl + F11

Step 5: You will see the list of responsibilities already assigned for the user under Direct Responsibilities.
Select a empty space in the responsibility and click the button to go to responsibilities page. Type % in Find and you will find all the responsibilities.

Step 6: Select the responsibilities you want and press OK.
The selected responsibility will be added to your list.

Step 7: If you want to give a TO Date specify and save.

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Bogdan said...

Is there by any chance a way to clone a user's responsibilities to another user en-masse and not one by one? without scripts of course
Thank you in advance