Thursday, January 29, 2009

Assign Responsibilities to users in Oracle e-Business Suite

Step 1: Go To Navigator

Step 2: Select System Administrator

Step 3: Select Request
A Pop up will open asking to install Activex plugin. This is for the first time when you open.

Step 4: Select Security under Functions and double click Define
A pop up will open with users list. Press F11 to go to search mode.
Enter the User Name you wish to assign responsibility and press Cntrl + F11

Step 5: You will see the list of responsibilities already assigned for the user under Direct Responsibilities.
Select a empty space in the responsibility and click the button to go to responsibilities page. Type % in Find and you will find all the responsibilities.

Step 6: Select the responsibilities you want and press OK.
The selected responsibility will be added to your list.

Step 7: If you want to give a TO Date specify and save.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Calling oracle Procedure which return recordsets from PHP

Here is an example of how to fetch records from oracle procedure using cursor which returns a recordset and read it from PHP.
Please create a procedure to get values from a table region_master.

        RegionName In Region_MASTER.region_name%TYPE,
        RegionDesc In Region_MASTER.region_desc%TYPE,
        ResultSet OUT sys_refcursor)
OPEN ResultSet for
    SELECT region_id,region_code,region_name,region_desc,updated_dt FROM Region_MASTER WHERE region_name LIKE '%'|| RegionName || '%'
    AND region_desc LIKE '%' || RegionDesc || '%';

To fetch the results from php write the following code in PHP to get the values.

$curs = OCINewCursor($varOrConnection);
$sqlAssetData = "BEGIN CPM.GETREGIONLISTBYNAMEANDDESC( :regname, :regdesc, :ResultSet); END;";
$resAssetData = ociparse($varOrConnection, $sqlAssetData) or die ('Can not Execute statment');
ocibindbyname($resAssetData, ":regname", &$regname,32);
ocibindbyname($resAssetData, ":regdesc", &$regdesc,32);
ocibindbyname($resAssetData, ":ResultSet", &$curs, -1, OCI_B_CURSOR);                                                                         
ociexecute($resAssetData) or die ('Can not Execute statment');
while (OCIFetchInto($curs,&$ResultSet)) {                                                                                                     
   echo "
   echo "";

Monday, January 05, 2009

Error Your password has expired. Please contact administrator to reset it while logging oracle portal

If you get this error "Your password has expired. Please contact administrator to reset it." in oracle portal, The solution is 
STEP 1:Login sqlplus as dba.
STEP2: Enter the following "execute orasso.WWSSO_OID_INTEGRATION.reset_passwd('portal username',null,'new password');"
STEP3: Login into your new portal with this password.